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VK3ATN Sale Report

From all reports the sale was a success from a buyers point of view, with quality lots going for ridiculous prices. Not so good for the Estate or the auctioneers, who of course get a commisision on the sales.Unfortunately this is a fact of life for clearing sales, particularly so with such a narrow spread of appeal. I've been to a number in the NSW Western Division where up to 10 lots were combined just to get a bid... for a dollar. I have the cast-iron frying pans and camp ovens to prove it.

Thanks to Noel VK3FI for this report.


ATN Antenna Clearance Sale Birchip

Noel Ferguson  VK3FI

It was up early Saturday morning and off to the auction site.  On arrival we found lines of equipment, masts and antennas all out on the grounds ready for inspection. And when we say lines, we mean acres of the grounds taken up.

And right on nine, with an estimated one hundred people in attendance, the auctioneers started the usual preamble – and then into selling. And it was rapid fire auctioneering, first metal, masts, sundry items and then into the factory for coaxial cable, more antennas, workshop equipment and finally radio equipment – all mixed with boxes of items such as insulators, antenna hardware, radio valves, etc etc. While following the group around the grounds – the general comment was along the lines, “It’s a pity it came to this”.   And it was, with a life time collection of equipment and home brew items on display. And most items selling at absolute bargain prices.

Email and telephone orders came in from all over VK prior to the sale, but the selling party unfortunately did not have the time available to pack and dispatch requested items.     And the method of selling either in bulk or mixed groups also made it impossible to purchase selected items.  Hopefully many of the items requested will now appear in Hammads, VKClassified and maybe on EBay.

The Mildura group were well represented with Noel VK3FI, Garry VK3KYF, Ray VK3HSR, Braham VK3FTEC and Brad VK3PRO in attendance.  And fact the group made a social occasion out of the weekend by stopping overnight Friday and including a meal at the Birchip Hotel. Garry VK3KYF, assisted by others has been reported as making three trips back to Birchip to pick up masts and other equipment.

Looking back on the day, most in attendance followed the auctioneers from point to point, so as not to miss out. In fact no one seemed to stop for lunch with selling ending at an amazing early 2-30 pm.

Thanks must go to Amateur Radio Victoria and the Sunraysia Radio Group for pre-sale publicity via their websites.

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