SRG Real Radio Contest

The aim of the contest is, if only briefly, to revive the spirit of “old time” Ham Radio where the operator sat in front of his rig, often home-brew, and talked to other operators. This “spirit” is the final arbiter of any dispute.

We are not contesting for “sheep stations”, we rely on your honesty. Refer to “spirit” clause above. There will be a certificate and small trophy for the winner.


  1. The Contest runs from 0000Z 16/7/2017 to 0000Z 01/12/2017
  2. The contest is open to financial members of the Sunraysia Radio Group Inc.
  3. One Section only; Single operator, phone and CW.
  4. Operators must operate within the terms of their licence.
  5. Two way contacts, phone or hand keyed CW mode only, with ANY other station.
  6. Contact each station once per band and mode.
    • g. Contact with VK3XYZ on 20m phone counts as a contact
    • Contact with VK3XYZ on 20m CW is a new contact
    • Contact with VK3XYZ on 40m CW is a new contact
  7. No repeaters, no satellites, no internet.
  8. No remote rigs... operator must be in DIRECT control.
  9. SWL
    • Log both sides of contact,
    • Rules, logging, scoring, as for two-way contacts.

Exchange and Logging

A valid contact is the exchange of callsign, name, signal report. Logs may be in any human readable format, handwritten or computer print out. Handwritten logs must be legible to be accepted.

Logs must include

Date Z

Time Z



My Call

His Call


Rst tx

Rst rx















  • Class A = 1 point: Commercial solid state equipment (e.g. FT-857).
  • Class B = 2 points: Commercial vacuum tube equipment (e.g. FT-101.)
  • Class C = 3 points: Home brew equipment, transmitter or Receiver. 
  • Class D = 4 points: Home brew equipment, transmitter and Receiver.
  • Class E = 5 points: Home brew vacuum tube equipment, transmitter or Receiver.
  • Class F = 6 points: Home brew vacuum tube equipment, transmitter and Receiver
  • Class P = Add 1 point: Portable, mobile or QRP. Either Station.
    • g. Portable operation with commercial rig: Class AP = 2 points.
    • or QRP operation with homebrew vacuum tube tx and rx: Class FP = 7points


  • Extensively re-purposed commercial equipment is considered home brew. E.g. 27MHz AM CB rig modified for 10m FM.
  • Easily re-purposed commercial equipment (reprogram and tweak) is NOT home brew. E.g. Philips/Motorola/Tait VHF high band mobile sets modified for 2m FM.